Friday, January 20, 2006

Her Majesty, the Queen of Pugs

I,like many people have found the most loyal, loving and understanding friend to be a member of the canine species. My dear Puggles, like most pugs, is spoiled rotten and gets everything she wants. She deserves it, as she returns the favor over many times.

Did you know she is Royal?? Here is her full Royal Name:

Puggles Duchess Windsor, Queen of Pugs, Supreme Ruler of Alaska, Princess Baltimore, Grand Duchess of Kansas City, Duchess of Illinois, Duchess of Clinton, Countess of Kansas, Baroness Pugtona, Royal Order of the Greenie and Treat, Grand Order of the Scrunchie, Knight Commander of the Royal Order of Kibble, Royal Patroness of the Royal Pugharmonic Orchestra

But I usually call her "Pug" or HM (short for Her Majesty).

She ran unsuccessfully in the notorious Governor Recall election in California, losing out to Ahnold. She ran on the Livertarian Party ticket. Her platform was expanding Veticare, she was pro treat and pro liver. Her budget plan called for increasing revenue through high surcharges on cat food and cat litter. Naturally the cat lobby and cat people worked against her.

The great people of Alaska realized that California's loss was their gain and she was invited to rule over Alaska, which she does in fine style from Puggingham Palace in Kansas City.

Her Majesty wishes to send you her greetings and thanks you for reading daddy's blog.

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Raven said...

Those damn dirty cats! I have two pugs of my own! Gotta love em. :)