Tuesday, November 28, 2006

McCaskill is Selling Out

I had high hopes for our newly elected Senator Claire McCaskill. But as reality sets in and the campaign promises fade, I am beginning to see that she is no better than other politicians who fail to deliver on their promises and back stab those who supported them.

Claire lobbied hard for the gay vote and by and large got it. Gays were also supportive of the raise in minimum wage and the stem cell initiative, issues that brought out large numbers of progressive voters. She was actively supported by the Human Rights Campaign
and local gay political groups. All the gays I know voted for her and repudiated the far right former Senator Jim "No" Talent.

BUT! It has been reported that Claire has told a TV interview that she is "ok" with the stupid "don't ask don't tell" policy that had undermined military effectiveness, led to massive discharges of key military minds (god knows they need all they can get)and rampant homophobia. It is like a white politician working for the black vote and then saying that separate but equal is ok by them.

Claire, we expected more..... please do not let us down.

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Anonymous said...

Remember Jean Carnahan? She went to Washington after Mel's tragedy and created a second one by voting for Bush's budgets, the Patriot Act, and the Iraq war before leaving in Jan. 2003. I had met and talked with her twice and like a lifelong pol, looked me right in my face and told me the exact opposite of what she actually went on to vote for. Then came the 2004 election and I was devastated.

Just like rich people who never give thought to how life is like to struggle with money, most straight people — 99.9%? — never think about gay issues. The reality however, is that gay issues are human rights issues. When you're against gay marriage for example, you're also against "certain" people not having the ability to share pensions, wealth, insurance, social security/retirement benefits, a distinct range of contracts, and so on. And straight folks like myself tend to overestimate the gay population, but I underestimate their influence, political or otherwise.

When I see what McCaskill is doing on this issue, it makes me admire the guts of Nancy Pelosi that much more. She's one of the few pols wearing only one face these days.