Monday, August 28, 2006

Katrina: One Year On

As we approach the anniversary of the Katrina disaster and the equally disasterous response by the cold, arrogant Bush administration, let's not forget that the Emperor was eating cake while New Orleans sank:

And many still face this:

Why Bush and his incompetence was not punished is beyond me. I guess that is what happens when Democracy is overthrown.


Anonymous said...

It is amazing that Bush's government hasn't even attempted to rebuild NO yet. It's as if he said, "Fuck you, poor people!" and gets away with it. Looking back, he's gotten away with saying that at every stage of his life whether it's drunk driving to going AWOL to snorting cocaine to spying on Americans, and yes, let's not forget — stealing two elections.

We'll look back on this as the "dark age"; assuming we survive it. We're spending billions a day on war while China and other countries are building their futures. But as long as Bush gets to "show the niggers who's the decider" then it's all right by the conservative media.

And to think, ten years ago the media's biggest worry was whether Al Gore had called a Buddhist monk from the White House.

Anonymous said...

i despair for the global community - if we can all sit back and watch the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina as though we are watching footage from a 3rd world country, shame on us!!! New orleans is a part of the most civilised nation in the world, isn't it?