Thursday, August 10, 2006

Future Travel toothpaste, lipstick, shaving cream, ointment, liquids, drinks etc. are banned from carry on, along with everything else. How will I get rum back from Nicaragua now??? If the damn airlines would be careful with checked baggage, I would be less concerned. I carry on things as I do not trust them to toss, sit on or leave my bags in rain or snow for hours on end.

Soon, it will be necessary to travel naked, shackled to the seats in an airliner. You know, I know some people who may like that.

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Anonymous said...

What kills me is that every time we get to dealing with the subject of Iraq, another little "TERRORIST MASS MURDER PLOT!" is foiled. Remember the sixteen guys in Florida, who essentially were arrested for planning a high school prank, and mild one at that? (Their weapons turned out to be toothpaste, mentos, coke, and a backpack.)

Ned Lamont wins his primary against ol' Hawkhead Joe Lieberman, then just as we're talking about Iraq, the whole cadre of republican thugs jump on TV and say we're giving comfort to the enemy by defeating war-monger Joe. Next day, blam! Lots of headlines, but no smoke.

...Meanwhile, Dubya didn't even look up from clearing brush while farting in Condi's face. Holy crap, we're screwed.